Choosing the right countertops is crucial

When you're ready to upgrade your countertops, choosing the perfect material is essential. Of course, you want a look that matches your decor, but you also want a long-lasting product. The good news is that you can have both in the same material.

Different materials offer different characteristics so one may be better for you. That's why it's essential to consider all your options. Then compare those options to your list of requirements for the best results.

Your counters see lots of use

Whether your counters are for kitchens or baths, they will still see lots of use. Kitchen surfaces are often best served by quartz countertops, as they are almost indestructible. They aren't porous, need no sealing, and will not take on damage from excessive heat.

Quartz is easy to care for, and you never have to seal or reseal them. Of course, be sure to clean spills as they happen but know that you are well protected from many forms of wear and damage. And don't forget that these materials offer impressive visuals with stunning colors.

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Choosing all-natural granite can offer excellent results too

Granite is an all-natural material that provides impressive beauty and durability. Granite countertops are perfect for busy homes with a natural resistance to wear. And with the proper sealant, they are even more durable and longer-lasting.

If these materials do take on damage, it's easy to repair. Don't forget there is an impressive range of colors for a beautiful decor match. And like all-natural stone materials, these add significant value to your home.

The installation process explained

Once you choose your materials, we'll give you all the details about your installation. We'll take measurements, offer estimates, and tell you how long the service will take. If you have questions about countertops or services, this is the best time to ask them.
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We have the countertops you need

At Mainstyle Flooring, we cater to your every material and service need. Our inventory is full of impressive materials for any decor or performance need. And our associates are always standing by to come alongside you.

If you're ready to choose the perfect countertops, visit either of our showrooms today. From those locations in Indianapolis, IN, or Plainfield, IN, we serve Indianapolis, IN, Plainfield, IN, Greenwood, IN, Carmel, IN, && Fishers, IN. Take time to share your needs so we have the opportunity to meet them for you.