Let's consider your stone and tile flooring options

Taking the time to consider stone and tile flooring means you have thought about your needs. These floors offer extended durability and stunning visuals. And you may never need to replace them once you have them installed.

Many homeowners are unaware of the many benefits available in these product lines. And we want to help you learn more about them as you shop for your flooring. So, take time to find out more about what could become your next floor covering.

We offer beautiful materials

Tile and stone flooring offers some of the most impressive visuals in the flooring industry. And you're sure to find the perfect decor match. Travertine tile, stone tile, and other materials come in wide varieties. If you stop to look at current trends, you may find all your needs met in one place. But, while trends can meet your current needs, they can keep you current for years to come. So, it pays off to find the best and longest-lasting visual for your home.

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Outstanding durability in any space

The durability you'll find in these materials could last more than 50 years. Stone tile, for instance, is easy to install and saves money over time. In addition, if the stone or tile flooring requires sealing, a quality sealant can help increase the durability. These materials also resist cracks, chips, stains, and excessive wear. You'll see impressive results when used in high-traffic areas, no matter how large the area. Take time to browse all the benefits that concern the durability of your flooring.

The installation process

Installing stone and tile flooring can take time because experience and special tools are necessary. Once you choose all your materials, we will discuss the time frame in great detail. Then, we'll keep you up to date with the entire process, from start to finish.
Tile from Indianapolis, IN from Mainstyle Flooring

We have the stone and tile flooring you want and need

As a reputable tile shop in Indianapolis, IN, and Plainfield, IN, we cater to your every flooring need. Our associates are standing by to ensure you find everything you need for the perfect results. We'll be here for you no matter how large or small your remodel is.

Visit the Mainstyle Flooring showroom when you're ready to choose tile and stone flooring. We have one store in Indianapolis, IN, and one in Plainfield, IN. From there, we cater to residents from Indianapolis, IN, Plainfield, IN, Greenwood, IN, Carmel, IN, && Fishers, IN, so be sure to stop by today.